Thursday, 21 December 2017

Where would you want to weave your new story with family, while living in a niche category luxurious apartment?

A home is a place of weaving your social story, which protects and let you enjoy a life in metro. It’s not a matter of just four walls but the matter is related to your way of living, your dream that you ever have seen, and the social status that you deserve. Supertech Group knows and understands those levels of lifestyle and hence, it presents Supertech Garden Homes in the prime location of Greater Noida with oversized 2 BHK ultra luxurious residential apartments of size 1005 sq. feet. The project is being built in prime Back Bay location with private outdoor terrace which can be regarded as a garden. Each resident will have his/her own terrace-garden to soothe your internal heart with purity of nature. Such terrace-garden will refresh your air to breathe clean & healthy air that is better for your lung and heart. You will get blessing of long life while living in such eco-friendly environment. The gorgeous touch of nature let you sense hygienic living and help you to recall wild life within this man-made abode. Each square inch of this fertile land has been configured with greenery which can be sensed through landscaped garden, grassland, playground, jogging and running track, Wind Energy plant and ponds.

Supertech Garden Homes Noida is pre-approved green housing project by all governing and controlling authorities, which means you will have fully authentic and legal possession. If you talk about the internal amenities, you will have unparallel urban lifestyle roasted in the flavor of village life, and will come with a fine mixture of retail store and residential spaces housed at the same. This project is located in within the close proximity to major commercial landmarks and business hubs. In order to boost your social visibility it has been configured with latest civil technologies like MIVAN to provide cutest look and royal feel.  Many major tech parks are revolutionizing the concept of connectivity to work place towards achieving a work-life balance. The encapsulation of new concepts with such lush greenery residential flats you will feel the touch of western culture with blends of core Indian culture and traditions. Thus, you need to understand that two things contribute significantly to comfortable living i.e. comfort and space of living within the home and amenities around you. Supertech Garden Homes Greater Noida has richened green industrial neighborhood and totality of super sophisticated mode of transportation and transition system such as Metro, Railway, City Bus, Air Bus, etc through highways, rail tracks, corridors, airports, and many other routes including water boats.

Rahul John

Author & Editor

The story of Faridabad SEO Team Leader Rahul John, whose profound spirituality and belief in Smart Work inspired the Google.


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